Within outline links -- possible?


This is one of those “is this possible?” questions.

I’m considering using OO (I have the Pro version) to draft a non-fiction textbook. It’s quite a structured book and we’d be using style outline numbering for paragraphs.

My question is whether it’s possible to create within-document “see section x.x.x.x” links in the text referring to other paragraphs that would survive text being moved around (i.e. I envisage selecting the target paragraph creating some kind of link and pasting that into the referring text)


Assuming I understand your intention, to an extent…

Every row has a unique ID. There is a ‘copy as link’ command (Edit menu). The resulting link can be pasted elsewhere in the document. It does survive moving, however, it does not survive deletion. So if you cut and paste the row, you will see a ‘The linked row is not available.’ error when you click on the link. The link would continue to work normally if you use the standard move features (Organize > Move > ) instead of cut/paste.

Technically, the pasted row gets its own ID. I don’t think that there is a way to have the new row take over the old ID.

Thanks. That would be a good start but I’d then be looking to have the outline number order (e,g, “see section 8.3.2”) apart instead of an arbitrary row I’d. If that makes sense?

It makes sense, but I don’t think it will help you as the ‘links’ refer only to the arbitrary IDs. You mentioned that you have OO so you can play around with it to see what I mean.