"Within the Next Week" is misleading

Hi. I’ve been using OF2 for more than half a year now, and can’t speak good enough of it! Something that really irks me, however, is the “Within the Next Week” when I have tasks that are actually due this weekend.

I’ve read OF’s explanation - it’s because of people who don’t have a regular work week - but regardless of when your work week starts, a week is defined by International Standard ISO 8601, which the majority of the people use.

Now when I have tasks that are due in 4 days, this weekend, but OF tells me that they’re due “within the next week”, that’s REALLY misleading. There needs to be a clear separation of “This Week” and “Next Week”.

It’s just a matter of terminology, Whithin the next 7 days, solves the whole thing. In a modern connected world who really has the luxury of 9-5 Monday to Friday anymore, I do not even have a “work week” as I work from home, days just morph into each other…

Personally I just want to see what’s coming up and could not care less what terminology is used as long as it works.

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