Wondering if this is possible in a project -


I’m trying to be more intentional about pursuing various hobbies and interests of mine. My problem is that sometimes I get too “locked in” to one thing for a long time, and don’t do other things that I want to do.

Let’s say I have 3 hobbies: Guitar, reading, photography, and I want a project so that when I check off guitar, it’s unavailable until I check off both guitar and reading (that’s only one example, I’m open to others!) Is something like that possible?

Thanks so much!

Why not just have two separate projects that don’t rely on each other?

I’ve personally tried to focus by scheduling my activities into my weekly schedule. I create appointments for each hobby in the calendar. Monday and Wednesday at 7 am for 45 minutes for guitar. Then I have Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm for 1 hour of reading. Or whatever variant works for you. I’m splitting up time equally for each hobby. I honor these time slots by protecting them from other distractions. Sorry guys, I already have an appointment on Thursday, 5 pm. I don’t have to tell my friends what I have reserved for Thursday, 5 pm.

I think this is more about scheduling an activity or hobby.


Because of my schedule (I’m a new dad), it’s difficult to create those kind of “sacred” spots in the calendar. But when I do have free time (late at night), I want to be able to use Omnifocus to easily see: “Hmm, I played guitar the other day, now it’s time to read a book …” (for example)

I think you can achieve what you want by having a repeating action group or project that is sequential and has the three activities you want to cycle through. Hope that makes sense.

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That does make sense, especially if I make the project repeated when last task is done. I’ll play around with it, thank you!

Ahhh. I know the feeling. I work in retail and never know when my schedule opens to do my personal work. In this event, I took a different approach. At the end of the day, I choose 2 Most Important Tasks (MIT) to work on tomorrow. I have a morning MIT and an afternoon MIT. As soon as I sense an opening in my schedule, I get to work on my chosen MIT. I don’t worry about deciding what to do. I already know what I intend to work on.

In this case, I use OmniFocus like I would a restaurant menu. I pick 2 meals for today. I put away the menu. I might get busy throughout the day. But when I do find some small downtime for my meal, I’ll quickly grab my meal and start eating. Pick 2 tasks (or 3 or more) from the OmniFocus menu. When you find time, get to work on it. Mark it as complete in OmniFocus.

That’s interesting (the MIT idea) - I’m going to think on that, thank you!

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