Word wrap within a column?

Is there a way to set word wrap within a column?

Do you mean you want certain paragraphs to wrap at different widths then other paragraphs in the same column? Or are you just have trouble with text not wrapping to the window?

I am referring to an entire column. The text does not wrap to the window. In order view the text within the column, I am forced to resize the window almost to width of the screen to view the text within the column. Resizing the window to anything less, truncates the text. Adjusting the width of the columns does not change the behavior.

What version of OmniOutliner are you using? Is this v5 Pro? If so, start editing a row and then go to the Column Type inspector and click the Auto button. This will make the outline column autosize to the window width. If you’re using Essentials or v4, let me know and I can provide correct instructions for those.

v5 Pro. I found the Column Inspector and autosized the width. Thanks for helping me.

From exchanging emails with support, I also discovered that dragging the resizing handles on either of the columns to manually change their widths also causes the topic column’s autosizing to switch off, since OmniOutliner currently assumes that the manual resizing was meant to override any automatic resizing of the topic column.

We’re making changes to this behavior because other changes to v5 have made this problematic. If you used v3 or v4, it actually worked there same there– resizing a column stoped the outline column from autosizing. It’s just that the autosize option wasn’t exposed as a control and sizing your window to outline width would get it to start autosizing again. That’s no longer an viable option to turn autosizing back on. The next release will hopefully make more sense but does still have its own quirks.