Workaround for not strict "due date"

Any suggestions how to keep Projects & Actions on track that don’t have strict “Due Dates” but a wish date that i’d like them to be completed?

And how would you view them in an order to see what ideally needs to be done before something else.

As an example:

  1. Paint the shed before the end of September.
  2. Add 2nd coat wax to car by August.
  3. Finish X project by the end of October

It isn’t critical that any of these are done by their wish date, but it would be nice to have a general perspective of how i’d thought/mapped out the year.

Thanks for any help.

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Quick thought

Have some sort of naming convention for these for example start tasks with a – and then a date in a standard format (year month day)

So you get – 22-08-31 have shed painted by end of August

Then create a perspective filtering on finding tasks that start with — sorted by name

You are probably going to have to create tasks that reference and link to projects but those projects can be on hold.

I have a SAL. called upcoming where i do a similar thing but use defer dates such as “start 2022 accounts “ which links to an on hold project


Thanks for your input, that’s a good idea.

I’ve been trialling adding a set of tags ‘01.January - 12.December’.

Using this method the months are nicely grouped at the bottom of the Tags perspective, giving me a birds eye view of my intentions.

I couldn’t figure out a way of filtering a Perspective to show me only the ‘00.Month’ tags though.

I have one of two methods for handling this. The first is I just bite the bullet and put a date on the project. But then when it goes red, it annoys me. The second method I have is to create a separate task that is something like “Completed project x?” of “Check on project x status” with a deadline. Then I have an individual task with a deadline and not a whole project. I put a link to the project in the notes field so I can click right to it. I’ve found this to be pretty useful and gets the information in front of me without being too naggy.


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