Workflow for iPhone only user

Hi, I’m new to omnifocus and just getting the hang of things. I only have the iPhone version but I can’t use my mac at work. I thought the iPhone version would be sufficient. But, after trying it out for a few days, I’m still confused about the best way to use it. For example:

  1. Whats the best way to get things into my inbox via my work computer which doesn’t have omnifocus? Just email tasks into mail drop?

  2. Perspectives seem kind of useless for me since I can’t create anything custom and there’s no filter/sort criteria on them. Anything I can do about this?

Anyone have a good workflow for someone with only the iPhone version?


  1. Yup. There is no webapp, you are left with MailDrop as far as I can tell. Forget about managing tasks from there :)
  2. For improving your iPhone workflow it would be nice to create custom perspectives in some way (Mac or iPad with Pro apps) which would certainly help a lot.


I know what you mean. But I have to say that iPhone version is the worst of all because of its slowness in terms of inability to glancing at what to do and at managing tasks. Also, it is often hard to see what belongs where etc. - for example I have often trouble in deffering projects with contexts and tasks themselves. Hierarchy of all these things is kinda hard to understand using iPhone app only.

You cannot quickly select multiple items and manage them, you cannot slide to do anything besides deleting.

There is no way to quickly add new tasks with certain Context or Project or Flag using URL-schemes and apps working with that (like Drafts).

I know that swipe to flag and custom perspective view in Today Widget are planned for upcoming updates. But what is now, is now. And truth is that I would really like to use OF as iPhone-only but I can’t do it well enough now, so I am not using it at all.

So I am waiting for updates and maybe then I will try working with OF again.

I bought the iphone app some time ago because everybody said how good it was and found it unusable as a standalone app. I don’t own a Mac so there was no access to most of the functions that allow Omnifocus to really have a decent workflow as opposed to being a todo list.
However, now that the iPad app has Persepctives, then there are very few things that need a mac. However, that’s a significant additional cost ie the ipad app and the pro subscription.

OmniFocus 2 for iPhone is tough to use as a standalone app. I’ve had to use the iPad and Mac apps to do most of my heavy lifting and use the iPhone app for quick capture, on-the-go task list, and checking off.

But hopefully, a new version of OF2 for iPhone will change that…

In this other post, ken is talking about bringing the Review perspective and custom perspectives over to OF2 for iPhone in version 2.5 soon. We’re currently in version 2.3.x today. So, it’ll be awhile but it does appear to be planned.

I’m gonna guess that this will require an in-app purchase to get “pro” features.

I ended up just getting the iPad Pro version. Working well for me now since I can create custom perspectives. The issue for me now is that since its wi-fi, I have to tether it to my iPhone and sync it throughout the day or my iPhone won’t stay up to date.

I do hope that if they bring over some additional features to the iPhone its not a “pro” version again. I just dropped $70 on this thing already.