Workflow(s) for using estimated time?


I’ve never used the “estimated time” for tasks and I’m giving it a try, but I’m not really understanding how to use the feature once estimated times are in place … I know the in perspectives I can create a rule for tasks over/under certain time frames, but other than that, is there a workflow to use these? Thanks!

After some research, it seems that OF doesNOT integrate these into any meaningful way. I was hoping in forecast view there would be a way to see (as an example) how many hours are “free” during a day given the tasks already listed, so that you could
Know if you are under or over committed.

I know it’s not the same as having it built into the product, but I think that would be a pretty straightforward Shortcut!


Users have asked for this functionality for a long time.

Omni developers don’t always look to the forum. But the longer that this stays as an active issue on the forum, the sooner we may finally get attention.

In my ideal, when viewing the forecast view OF could fill tasks in between existing calendar items…?

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