Workflows, Project Support Notes & OF

I would welcome insight from others on how they handle the holistic view of projects in their workflows.

I have lots of hats that I wear for the different roles that I have in different parts of my working life. OF is great for me in capturing and executing specific tasks (or recording them for others so that I can follow up). However I am struggling with finding a natural way of recording my overview thoughts for a client meeting (in my coaching/mentoring role) or Board Meetings (in my Director roles) so that they build up into a Project Overview over time.

In the dim and distant days before portable electronics when I led/drove change and process projects I would be carting around a ‘project file’ and there would be a ‘visit’ report coupled with a few lines of notes on the ‘master project record’ at the front of the file.

I use pen and paper (in the form of an A5 daybook) to capture data, reminders, actions, etc during meetings. The actions get transcribed into OF following the meetings. But I haven’t found a natural way of recording my personal insights and reflections from the meeting (along with time incurred) yet.

Things tried and not stuck include a ‘running log’ in various programmes (Word, NVAlt); using a piece of paper ‘like the old days’ and omni-outliner. I also tried having running notes in the top level notes of the project in OF.

Part of the solution might be to ‘Pick one and stick with it’ (accepting the friction) and force myself to JFDI.

Before I try to ‘re-invent the wheel - again’ I would appreciate finding out what works for others.

Thanks in advance

Currently I’m using TaskPaper to store a log of completed tasks (which I export from OF daily). I really like the simplicity of it (plain text) and the nice layout - which pastes nicely into an email.

As a project/document repository and all around wiki I’m using VoodooPad. One of the factors in this choice is the ability paste a link to a VP page in an OF note. The only thing I dislike about VP is that the pages themselves aren’t simple plain text files (well they are but they get given bizarre names rather than the name of the document).