Working Things 3 -> OmniFocus 3 Converter Script

Building on the work of Andrey Deryabin, Hendrik Volkmer and Chris Dzombak I’ve made what seems to be a working converter from Things 3 to Omnifocus 3. You can get it here.


  • Full tag translation from Things including hierarchy and sort order
  • Correct order of areas, projects and tasks (except for root projects)
  • Project hierarchy within sections
  • Completed (logged) tasks
  • Bunch of other stuff

Does not support:

  • Recurring tasks (no access available via AppleScript)
  • Task lists inside a task (no access available via AppleScript)
  • Someday tasks assigned to a project (no access available via AppleScript)
  • The ‘someday’ tag for those tasks outside of a project (no access available via AppleScript)
  • Tag short cuts (not an OF3 feature)
  • Cancellation date (no OF3 equivalent - completion date will be incorrect)
  • Canceled tasks (no OF3 equivalent - simply marked as ‘completed’)
  • Contact for a task (no OF3 equivalent)
  • Modification date from Things (it’s a read only attribute in OF3)


EDIT: Figured out how to do hierarchal tags, project tags, logged items, etc. Gist is updated.