Working with multiple platforms

I see how several peeps have requested a web app and other such stuff. Not sure I need a web app, but I’ll talk about my own setup and such.

I use OF on my iPad mini (wifi), iPhone 5s, MBP and iMac. I chose a cheaper option for the wifi only model iPad. I may switch back to cellular.

In my life I work in a variety of areas, travel around a lot, and OF is critical to helping me stay sane. In my main everyday job I work inside a large brick building called the Military Department. This setting has the following limitations and obstacles.

  • no cellular service inside the building
  • paranoid IT department that disallows pretty much every useful program and website
  • lousy hardware. I’m using an old Dell computer
  • crummy OS. I’m using Windows Vista.
  • Most everyone else doesn’t know GTD, Inbox Zero
  • Microsoft Outlook email is treated as an IM device
  • PowerPoint is used as a publisher for PDFs
  • typical task management by coworkers is post-it notes

I’ve thought about Asana for use with coworkers, but again, wouldn’t work because nobody I work with uses task management systems.

I try to crank up my MBP with coffee before work, on weekends, at night, to look at larger systems of focus (20,000 and above).

Then I sync my iPad and iPhone and roll for the day. I’ve found that since i cannot sync my iPad or MBP during the day (at work, only a secure internet connection for approved devices) I’ve found that I really MUST stick with one device for my DOING phase. This is usually the iPhone. As much as I’d love to use the iPad or MBP sitting near me to check off tasks, it becomes an issue when I focus in perspectives because I’d have to remind myself that Task X has already been done and if I check this task off in the iPad or MBP it will create a duplicate tasks (if it is a recurring task) when I sync all 3 again.

So I will use the MBP and iPad for planning and the iPhone for doing. A webbased model wouldn’t work for me because I cannot connect to the net, and unless it is as great at replicating the desktop as the iWork programs are, I’m unlikely to use it.

Though I don’t think such a thing is technically possible, it’d be really GREAT if I could have my devices to sync to the OmniServer but also have an ability to sync to a local device. Meaning I could tell my MBP and iPad to sync to the local iPhone. This may be similar to how the new Apple TV and Mac are suppose to be able to talk to each other without having a wifi (Yosemite update).

maybe you can turn on your iPhone’s mobile hotspot feature when you’re at lunch? Then sync your devices that way?

This will create a personal wifi server on your iPhone. Sync all of the devices that way?

Usually, I just print out my Today perspective and/or a perspective showing all available next actions. Then I print out one of the main projects I’m focused on.

You can also export these perspectives to a simple HTML page. Or just print the perspective to a PDF file. Work from there.

I usually like taking the OF2 for iPad instead of OF2 for iPhone. I’ve found myself drifting towards OF2 for iPad over the MBP. It’s much smaller to carry. OF2 for iPad can replicate about 95% of what I want to do on the desktop version. I use the desktop version mostly for:

  1. Quick entry screen when I’m at the Mac.
  2. Heavy, intensive project planning and editing.
  3. Archiving

Getting a bluetooth keyboard will definitely help with project planning and editing on the iPad. So that would eliminate #2 from my desktop version use.

You wouldn’t be able to use Asana because you’re stuck in an isolated/firewalled network environment.

As for others who don’t know GTD or Inbox Zero - you can’t worry about them. Just take of your own business. No sense worrying about the people around you when you can’t control or influence them anyways.

I am not understanding this part. In essence, I am not sure why you would limit yourself to the iPhone when the iPad is … larger in format (among other things). As Wilson Ng suggested, what about using the iPhone as a local hotspot (tethered through bluetooth when your Military Building prohibits WiFi hot spots … though I am not sure this works with WiFi off on the iPhone if that is a requirement)? Regardless, suppose that sync to the outside world is a DoA proposition on anything but your iPhone. Suppose you are not allowed to turn on your iPhone WiFi inside your Military Building. Can you limit yourself to the iPad platform and recognize that it is a static picture that has to be synced at the end of the day?

WRT no task management tools beyond post-it notes where you are … consider these ideas to get your team started …

WRT Windows and all of that … I have long since realized, it is just a tool that I have the full right to take the best advantage of, not a spouse that I married after a hazy weekend in Las Vegas (and now have to pay tribute to).

If the only things you will be doing during the workday are quick capture and checking off tasks, then use the iPhone exclusively. Wait until the end of the day to sync to the iPad and Mac.

Personally, I would use OF2 for iPad exclusively. That would be my walk-around device because it closely emulates the Mac version. It is easier to create and edit projects on the iPad instead of the iPhone.

All good responses. I’m still evolving the system. AT&T hotspot is iffy for me on the cellular side. Also, signal is weak on a good day, not available on most days, inside the center of this large building.

I like using the iPhone because I change 2 office locations, and go out and about also. I like how, for me at least, it is quicker to get in and get out and check off a task in a context. But it seems that for the most part I use the iPad version the most because of the larger space. Then when I am driving around to another city/office/location I have to mentally remember that the tasks I am seeing are already done and to ignore them. No perfect solution as of yet.

I’ve adapted my style to those around me. I have due outs and waiting for contexts. Given a chance I evangelize on Inbox Zero, GTD, and so forth. Since I teach resilience skills, I throw in other skills to ‘level up your efficiency’ and address 1 monitor versus 2, standup or sit-down, meditation, etc…

For the most part my system works great. I’m really spoiled with how well I’ve got my tasks managed. I am just always looking to rid myself of more friction when I find it.

Thanks all for the replies.