Would like completed tasks to remain in forecast so I can see my to do list complete at the end of a day

I know this has been a long term request but just adding my voice to the previous ones. There’s no satisfaction in a completed to do list you can’t see!

Please advise if there’s a more effective way to submit this request.

If I’ve understood you correctly and you want a view of tasks completed today then that is possible as a custom perspective as of version 4.2 (released this week) PRO version (only, I believe). You can now create perspectives with date rules so for example “date completed = today”


I like to keep my forecast showing the tasks remaining to work on for today.

I’d be too distracted with having the clutter of completed tasks in the forecast. It’s already busy enough with appointments and remaining tasks for today.

I do have a custom perspective to show completed tasks limited to today. But the novelty of seeing today’s completed work no longer encourages me because I’m already on to the next task.


Oh that’s exciting, thanks for letting me know. I’m on standard currently but that might be enough to consider an upgrade. I wonder if I can trial an upgrade to pro to check?

Sorry — not an expert on trial upgrade options. Best checking Omni’s website/on-line store directly!

Thanks I messaged support to assess options. Thanks for the tip off about 4.2!