Would like OF for iOS to revert to Info tab after another item's Note tab is viewed

If I switch to the Note tab for an item and then go and browse another item I see its (often empty) Note tab. I then have to manually switch to Info view.

I would like - and maybe this should be an option - for viewing a subsequent item to start at the first tab (Info).

Thoughts? Am I missing something?

This is enough to make me regret using the Note tab. (I have automation to stick URLs in the Note tab so probably won’t stop using it.)

A big +1 for this!

If there is a setting to manage this, I haven’t found it yet, but I think it would make more sense to switch back to the item details when you tap on a new item, rather than automatically going to the last viewed tab.

Yes, totally agree. I’ve always found this irksome.