Would like to see an "Always Use Dark Sidebar" option again

Version 4.0 (174.0.402) is still missing the “Always Use Dark Sidebar” option that is present in Version 3.0

To the good people at OmniGroup > Please restore this important option that makes OmniFocus MUCH easier to use

To fellow OF users, please add your voice to this thread so that this useful option is restored.

Thank you.


I concur, please add this back!!! The new look (colorize) is not an improvement (for me). Of course, I know you have to make an app that is best for the mass of users, but adding back this feature will suit those like myself who prefer having a darker sidebar (black or whatever we’d like).

+1 from me too on this – I much preferred that option because it increased readability.

I don’t like the design of version 4 either. The earlier design (with darker grey in the inspector, dark sidebar, recognizable icons in the toolbar …) created a “product image” of an app in addition to clarity. One look at the monitor and you knew what was running on the Mac. Now Omnifocus on the monitor looks like a LibreOffice spreadsheet without any design. Anyone who creates more complex Excel spreadsheets for use by colleagues in other departments knows how important the design with color areas, frames and fonts is (without overloading) to enable users to quickly and unconsciously!!! orientation. I am quite satisfied with the functionalities of version 4, but I miss the “eye anchors” for quick orientation on the screen. After installing version 4, I thought that my criticism of the user interface was more due to “force of habit”, but the longer I work with version 4, the more annoyed I am (especially about the hideous display of the toolbar). The Omnigroup could implement the possibility of user-specific customizable color settings.

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@monika Thanks for articulating this so clearly.

I couldn’t agree more. OF4 is great in terms of usability, but the UI is a big step backwards.

I sincerely hope Omnigroup takes this discussion seriously and makes improvements in this area.

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