Would workflow iOS app work to sync Outliner iPad to Dropbox?

I love using Omni outliner on my Mac, but I’m hesitant to get the iPad version because I use Dropbox.
I just got a new iOS app called Workflow, and it has the ability to save documents into dropbox and do other customizable actions like Automator. Has anyone tried using the workflow app with Omni outliner for iPad? Could I create a Dropbox action that would show up in the ‘share’ menu of OO iPad?

In short, yes.

But you don’t even need to use Workflow. Right now, if you choose the “send to app” from the OO menu, you can choose to send the OO file to dropbox. Presto you’ve saved your file to dropbox.

Even better, though, you could use something like this:


to turn drobox into a WebDAV and then set up the WebDAV in as another space in which you keep documents, just like the “Local Documents” or “Omni Sync Server”