Writing with the Markdown Syntax

Does anyone out there write with the Markdown syntax while using OmniOutliner? I was debating on doing that to future proof my writing when it comes time to export. Does that sound like a good idea or a waste of time?

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I do sometimes, and I have found Dr. Drang’s post here (and links) helpful. I modified his excellent instructions to build a bundle for TextMate 2 rather than a BBEdit text factory.


Awesome ideas. I’m definitely going to try this approach.

It’ll be nice if Markdown is including in OO one day, so it automatically changes the colors of the text or highlights based on the Markdown characters used. I’m familiar with writing apps that do this, but it would be great to see it built into OO.

You can approximate the heading and list functionality simply based on level styles. Writing in Markdown will let you see the individual levels. If you have defined level styles, then simply in- or out-denting based on your use of # vs. ## would apply the right color and font, for example. When you see Markdown bullet lists, you could get used to in-denting twice to obtain your predefined style of numbers on level three.

Then it’s just a matter of reworking Dr. Drang’s text factory or bundle in whatever text editor into which you spit the export.

You are right. Styles and levels will solve one of my approaches to Markdown. It’s one of the many brilliant features of OO! I wasn’t thinking straight before. :)