Wunderlist vs OmniFocus

MISSING: I’ve just moved to OmniFocus from a much loved Wunderlist. As you may we know Microsoft have bought Wunderlist and are integrating some of their features into their ToDo app, the early results are very poor, hence the move to OmniFocus, coupled with the fact that I wanted a far better GTD experience.

I’m absolutely loving OmniFocus 2, however, there are a few things still missing, ability to:-

  • Prioritise tasks i.e. (a), (b), ©. !!!, !!, ! - whatever it might be
  • Unlike Wunderlist …
    Brain dumping into the Inbox may well have tasks which may be a combination of:-
    • Small short term tasks
    • Don’t require a Project
    • Have no due date

However that list can be bit of a visually confusing jumble. Yes we can sort manually, but it would be so much better if, like Wunderlist, we could have the option to automatically sort by:-
• Due date for those dated Tasks, then alphabetising the balance of Tasks.
• Alphabetically for the whole list.
• Priority (seperate suggestion email)
• Manually (as we currently can)

I guess using OmniFocus will require some adjustments on how to think about priorities. Here are a few threads that might help with creating priorities and/or a Today perspective.

Wunderlist was more of a checklist oriented app. Custom perspectives changes the whole paradigm and can be confusing. You might also want to search the forums at the top right of the forums web page and type in priorities or prioritize to see what hits you get.

There are also many free blogs that will show you how they use OmniFocus. Check those out and you can probably find a nice combination that will fit you.

If you take the time to master “custom perspectives”, you’ll forget everything about how Wanderlust and many other task manager apps work. It’ll change your whole view of task management if you stick with it.


Thank you for the suggestions. Although early days I’m really enjoying getting to know OmniFocus, but there is quite a ways to go.

I’ve found a few blogs, also video tutorials by David Sparks, Learn Omnifocus, Asian Efficiency and Screen Casts which I’m working through.