Xcode import not working

I am having trouble importing my Xcode project into OmniGraffle. There are contradictory instructions. On the website it says to simply drag your Xcode.project file onto the app icon. Doing so gets a message to drop the enclosing folder. When I do I get two options, import folder structure and import Xcode project. I am not interested in the folder structure, and that seems to work fine. But dropping in the enclosing folder only gives me a new blank project. Could it be that this is because the project is in a workspace? I have dropped every folder and project I can think of onto to OmniGraffle and have gotten only blank pages. Any ideas?

Sorry for the trouble. You may be encountering a known limitation. Xcode import doesn’t support Swift. Xcode import does import Objective-C interface files, but the project will be blank if there is no imported data it can import. If the problem isn’t that your code is in Swift, please send us an email with some more details and an example of what you are trying to import, and we’d be happy to help.

Many of us would love to see the Xcode import updated to support Swift. If you would benefit from such an update, please email us at omnigraffle@omnigroup.com. We do track overall interest in features, so anyone else reading this who needs Swift import support should also send us an email.