Yellow, Orange or Red circle - too subtle

If an item is overdue, it gets a red circle. If it’s due today, it gets a yellow circle. If it’s flagged, it gets an orange circle. And if it’s any two of those, the circle is half one color and half the other. I find this very, very obtuse, as it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the colors. ’

Couldn’t a flag just be a flag? And shouldn’t it be on the left side, next to the item itself, instead of having so much white space between the item and the flag? On a large monitor it’s sometimes hard to tell which flag belongs to which item.


I personally like the new way of doing it, flags don’t show more than one state at a time. I don’t run it in full screen though because I have a huge screen, there would be way too much whitespace.

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YES this is SUPER confusing. You seriously cannot distinguish between it’s due soon or overdue while it’s flagged. I would like to be able to distinguish the two… orange is way too close to red. And the flag is like a tiny little dot!

There is a way to color in the tasks that are due, flagged and due soon- hope that helps!