Yosemite-ready test builds of OmniPresence 1.2 are now available

Test builds of OmniPresence 1.2 for Mac are now available for download from omnistaging.omnigroup.com:

  • Yosemite interface — Updated the app interface and the icons for synced folders to look more at home on Yosemite.
  • Yosemite Dark Mode — Updated the menu bar icon to display properly when using Yosemite’s Dark Mode, and updated the main window’s appearance to be more usable in dark mode.
  • Auto-Sync — Made auto-syncing happen more reliably when changes are synced to the same cloud location from another device on the same network.
  • Error Handling — If too many attempts are made to transfer a file, OmniPresence will now pause syncing and offer to report the error.
  • Conflicts — OmniPresence no longer permanently renames files when there is a conflict. Instead, each client locally renames the files and doesn’t send those renames to the server (which could cause extra conflicts in heavy usage cases). If you rename one of the files that is in conflict, that file gets renamed on the server as well and other clients will see that name. If there is only one version of a file left in conflict (maybe you deleted the other conflicting versions or renamed them to something else), OmniPresence will rename it back to the original user-specified name.
  • Spurious conflicts — Fixed an issue where OmniPresence would treat an interrupted network connection as a failure, and if it turns out the operation actually succeeded it would treat that as a conflict (since it didn’t think it made that change itself). This should make syncing much more reliable when syncing over slow (or distant) networks.
  • Simultaneous setup — OmniPresence conformance tests will no longer fail when more than one device is performing those tests at the same time.
  • Open at Login — Fixed some cases where the “Open at Login” menu item wouldn’t work properly.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash that could happen when updating the settings for a cloud location.

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