Add curve to line

version 7.2 steps:

  1. draw straight line
  2. add blue-diamond control point to middle of line
  3. drag control point to new location
    => works
  4. command-touch-begin on control point
    => no handles
  5. command-tap on control point
    => no handles

I used to do this all the time, but has been a few years. Either a bug or somewhat non-intuitive UI. How to do this basic step?

Looks like I have to specify Style first before drawing.

Suggestion: allow change to style for selected line, instead of requiring user to delete and redraw line.

Note: I do not have latest version of OG so working from 7.18.6 version.

You can change the style of the line after drawing it.

  • Select the line.
  • Open the Inspector
  • Under “Line” change to Bezier (since it seems you you want handles to adjust curve).

I think there is also an Option+ or Command+ way to add a bezier handle to a line but I can’t find it right now.

There is also this ‘shortcut’:

  • Draw your line
  • Select the Node Edit tool
  • add a node to the line

For me, this changes the line from what it was to Bezier.

Hope this helps.

OG V5.4.4

For Bezier Lines, first create an EditPoint (blue diamond, empty) on the Line, select it (blue diamond, filled), then ⌘-drag (Command-drag). That should produce a pair of red BezierHandles. For starters, the pair of handles are connected and opposed. To move a single handle, use ⌥-drag.

⌘-drag on an EndPoint produces one BezierHandle.