Anyone 100% Omnifocus IOS?

With my Ipad pro, I barely need my laptop anymore. The only thing I have not broken away from is Omnifocus! My beloved life manager!! Other then that, the laptop would be passed on to my kids. Has anyone given up OSX and gone 100% IOS with Omnifocus??? Any advice? Email workflows, etc?

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You should ask (and read past posts from) @ediventurin :)



When we get batch editing on the iOS version, I’ll be able to go iOS only. There might be a couple of other features but batch editing is at the top.

I would still use the notebook to do my monthly archiving.


good stuff thanks!!

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Exactly right… Its the batch editing! Ill get used to the rest


In the same boat, OF batch editing on iOS will phase out my need for OF on macOS.

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@ediventurin was in this thread in September 2015.

Full thread here:


Working on automation now. I know late to the game. :) Once I master it, no need for the Air.

I think the UI (navigation between folders in particular) is just way too limited.
I use the iOS apps purely for displaying and adding things to my inbox but hardly ever edit anything.

There are features that make it more usable like swiping to quick flag something but moving and organizing tasks takes just way too many touches for me to consider it as “productive”.

If I could assign custom keyboard shortcuts and gestures to actions like “move task”, “quickly edit context”, “quickly assign to project” (in the swipe menu maybe?), I could see it as a powertool especially on the iPad, but in it’s current form I solely use it as a visual overview in which other apps can shovel things into.

I use OF at home. My setup is simple: About 4 active projects and 3 lists at a time. A few contexts. Some subtasks, but not many, and not much hierarchy. I live in the iPhone version and will use an old laptop to perform a deep review a few times per month. I use repeating projects and tasks, but no automation or email-related workflows.

Exactly. I find it so much easier to see the big picture and move things around in the desktop version and column view.

Batch editing, email integration AND focus.

I used to rely on Focus a lot, then started using iOS more and more (windows centric work environment) and had to swallow the fact that the iOS OmniFOCUS does NOT implement the FOCUS feature ( @SupportHumans @kcase ).

One day, tired of waiting for the 1st two features above, I just carried my MacBook (Pro) to work (alongside my work’s Dell notebook) and… oh my!!… how much do I like FOCUS and AppleScript automation — ok, could do without but life is so much easier when you have your carefully crafted/curated AppleScript / Keyboard Maestro environment.

Long story short, I’m still carrying two notebooks daily, barely using my iPad these days, and even considering getting a lighter MacBook (Air, maybe?) … yes… because of OmniFocus.

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Great to hear, even if you have to carry two notebooks… It would be interesting to hear, in short, how you use the Applescript automation, if you would like to share.

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Hi @Jan_H,
I rely a lot on a series of scripts launched through this awesome KM palette by Patrick Welker.
Also on a genius SmartPerspective script/KM macro (which unfortunately is not online anymore) and other scripts by @brandon.
And lately, on this awesome Alfred workflow I found via @Kourosh
Worth mentioning also the famous on this forum templates script by Cris Sauvé, and amny of @curt 's templates as well.

Sorry for the brevity. Happy to provide details via private messages, not to divert much from this thread.

Here some of the links I’ve been collecting about these topics:

While not ideal, I ended up creating several copies of each major perspective to deal with the lack of Focus on IOS.

Out of curiosity, how do people use Focus? Admittedly, I’ve not used it much, but it seems to me like iOS naturally “focuses” once you go to a project. Would love to better understand what iOS needs aren’t being met in hopes of improving my understanding with how I use my Mac!



Scotty (@deturbulence),
The 1st use case is to quickly get rid of clutter in any perspective. Even on my M.I.T. perspective (most people call it Today), sometimes I have more than 5 or 6 actions, and so I click Focus while selecting one and… like magic… only tasks related to same project stay visible.

But the real magic comes if you switch perspectives: only actions from the project (or folder) in… Focus… is shown!!! Simply, but brilliantly, this takes the word “perspective” to a whole new dimension — the most obvious one in my opinion: having different views (perspectives) on the same data.

A great documented example that comes to mind is how @kourosh describes his use of workspaces (perspectives) on his Learn OmniFocus (by @timstringer) webinar.
You can also find the video with Kourosh’s description here — look at 0:26:50 ;-)

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Edi! (@ediventurin)

Weirdly (perhaps), I’d never thought of using it in context-based perspectives, since it focuses on projects, but I see that adds a big dimension! Pretty magical.

I’ll check out the video and play around. Appreciate the pointer!



Hi Edi,

Just wanted to let you know, I’ve got you added to our feature requests for batch editing and the introduction of the Focus feature on iOS (since I was summoned via the tag, it automatically generated an email that I was able to attach to those requests for you!). I did want to double-check on the sort of email integration you’d like to see though - could you elaborate on that a little bit?

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Hi @austin , please add my vote for both as well

Exactly. As it stands, I would imagine using this as a way to keep a single perspective for views I might want (e.g. deferred, next, all). I could then set my focus to either personal or work outside of the perspective. To achieve this now I need double perspectives or to change the view settings every time I shift.

For my use case, I could make this work as I do presently in Things: by use of tags and quick filtering, assigning a tag for work or personal to projects or folders.

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