Apple Watch SiriKit: “Continue on iPhone”

When I try to use the new WatchOS4/iOS11 SiriKit support for creating OmniFocus tasks, it works on the iPhone but on Apple Watch it just says “Continue on iPhone”. Is this a known issue that can/will be fixed?

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I have this exact same problem. Would love to hear what I can do to remedy this.

I got the following response from them a couple days ago:

Thanks for writing. I’m afraid we encountered some unexpected issues and weren’t able to get SiriKit running on the watch in time for the 2.21.1 release, but we are working on it for a future update.

Thanks for the update! Hopefully they push it out soon. I’m looking at Things 3 and it seems like they have the feature up and running.

Any updates on this yet?

Just another check in.

Agreed. Ping, 2.5 months after the initial request. This is the main thing keeping me using Reminders for new task entry.

I just posted a similar question before seeing this. I’m assuming this hasn’t been resolved?

Yep, it still doesn’t work. OmniGroup used to be the premiere app developer with deep OS integration. Now looks like Things is taking the reins. Makes me sad. The price of Omni* apps doesn’t help either.


Well, that’s disappointing.

+1 for “wanting a working watch app”. Just so Omnifocus Group know there are people who would value and use it.


Just bought a new watch and am trying to get Siri working with it and Omnifocus. I thought I had it working but now every time I try to add anything, i get the “you’ll have to continue in Omnifocus” or “continue on iPhone” response from Siri on my watch.

I wanted to check that it is supposed to be working before I spend any more time on it. I’m using the syntax from this link: such as "“Add a task named ~ in OmniFocus”

Any advice is appreciated.


Not working at present. There’s a thread on the issue over here

Hey All, I’m sorry for the ongoing frustration with this. It’s something we’re continuing to work on and I’ve added your comments to the Siri integration on watchOS file.

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Just got a new Apple Watch, assumed I needed to implement the setup to have OmniFocus capture Reminders, then saw there is now direct Siri integration, then disappointed to see it does not work for the Watch :-(

So … is the workaround for this issue to implement the OmniFocus capture for Reminders?


Yes, Reminders will work.

How are things going? My wish list is to say “Siri, remind me to pick up milk tonight” and there is a “pick up milk at 7pm” reminder in Omnifocus. Right now, I just get a reminder in apple reminders. That’s fine and it works well but It doesn’t allow me to make use of Omnifocus and since I paid $80 for the program I’d like to get the most out of it.

Any update on this? I just paid for the program after using the trial. The Watch app wouldn’t work then, but I thought it was because the trial didn’t support the watch app. 80 bucks later and still no luck?! Is this “support” typical from OmniGroup?

If you tell your iPhone to import Reminders from your default list, OmniFocus seamlessly grabs them (even in the background). Personally, I find that it works excellent.

Support does not mean “everything automagically works”. Support means if you have a problem and ask them for help they will help you. I suggest you email the support humans (perhaps by using the contact option on the settings page in the app). I’m sure they will be very helpful in resolving your issue.