Box to Dropbox Migration has left OmniGraffle files broken

Hi, new here.

We’ve just had a large migration of data from to It appears after the migration some of our Omnigraffle files are not able to be opened.

-rw-r–r--@ 1 spencer staff 14153 20 Jul 2016 2015_10_LeagueOfLegendsConnectivity_v1.graffle

We’ve worked out that if we add a .zip extension to the end of the file name so it’s associated as a zip file, extract it, it create another graffle file that we can then open as normal.

drwx------@ 6 spencer staff 192 6 Oct 13:46 2015_10_LeagueOfLegendsConnectivity_v1.graffle

as you can see the graffle now is a directory, but it works and opens in Omnigraffle.

Anyone got an idea as to what has broken and how We can fix it? We have hundreds of files that need fixing. It would also appear that older versions of omnigraffle are not affected by this and can open the original files.

Sorry for the trouble. This is a known issue with Dropbox. Dropbox in does not offer support for the file package format we use with our applications.

Brian explains further at and includes a workaround if you must use Dropbox with OmniGraffle.

This link is broken. Can the solution be posted here.

Subtract this mistake from the URL, in order to get it to work:

Is there anything that can be done to repackage/fix these files. I uploaded them to Dropbox a while ago and had to delete them from my laptop. So, if there is no way to fix the version up on Dropbox I am screwed.

Are you able to download them at all? You might be able to zip and send to tech support.