Bug with context menu for new tasks (OF4)

When I add a new item to the inbox I cannot evoke the context menu, unless I leave the perspective and come back. Leaving the perspective seems to trigger something that activates the context menu.

Can you provide a video showing this as I can’t recreate this behaviour with what I think you’re doing.

I tried it on my iPad and I see it too:

  • add action to inbox
  • tap anywhere outside of the action
  • a long press on the action does nothing
  • change perspective
  • go back to Inbox
  • long press on action works (gives context menu)

Have you notified support?

What can‘t be screenrecorded: Around 0:10 I am unsuccessfully trying to long press the task to evoke the context menu. After I briefly switch to the review perspective it works.


I hoped they see this. Should I email as well?

Yes, I am not sure support is watching this forum regularly.

Yes, please do email omnifocus@omnigroup.com if you’d like the OmniFocus team to see your feedback. These forums are for talking with other customers, not our support team, as noted in the Welcome to our forums! post:

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