Can i invert the Y-Axis in the Coordinate System?


is it possible somehow to invert the coordinate system on the Y-Axis? I want to layout a wall for my room and need to start the coordinate system downleft with the y-axis upwards, to enter my measurements. Its a little bit annoying to calculate everything from “the ceiling” instead from the floor, but cant find anything on the web neither an option in the working area.

Greetings, Marc

(The developers really should be catching questions such as this.)

I am not absolutely sure that I understand what you need. Here is the answer for what I think you need.

Yes, absolutely. The ZeroPoint of the Ruler is settable. This is for OG V5.4 Pro, the GUI is vastly different in V6 & V7, but I am sure you can find it.


Grab the Zero Point, and drag it to where you need it to be.

  • In the example above, the left edge of my canvas is at the left edge of the window, and therefore the canvas-zero is currently at ruler-zero. If you move the ZeroPoint down, along the Ruler, to the bottom-left of your canvas (not bottom-left of the window), it works exactly as expected (for what I expect you need)

  • If it is not (ie. there is a gap between left edge of the canvas and the ruler, usually grey), the effect of moving the ruler looks weird. Correct but looks weird. I think you can figure it out.

ZeroPoint Moved

  • The Ruler Zero is now shown as a bright blue line. There are two axes, so there are two lines.

  • Here, I am showing you the grey, between the left edge of the window and the left edge of my canvas.

  • Refer the variables in the object:

    • The values in the Ruler, above the ZeroPoint, will be negative. Ie. it is not truly an invert.

      • Since it is a Ruler, it really should not be signed (a Ruler is absolute, therefore the numbers are absolute, therefore there is no such thing as negative values in a Ruler).
    • For most purposes that is fine, for your purpose it might be annoying.

      • “Just ignore the minus-sign” may or may not be good enough.
    • The object dimensions are correct.

    • If you want the coordinates to be the bottom-left of your objects, OG fails, it shows the coordinates at the top-left. Which is obviously a bug.


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Initially I rotated my monitor for this, but grew tired, eventually, of predicting where the mouse would run.

Now I just design the room upside down, and enjoy the fresh perspective.

( Tho I sometimes still trip over light fittings on the floor )