Can I override snap to grid behavior when resizing objects?

Whenever I resize an object and ‘snap to grid’ is turned on, I always run into the situation where I need an object to be a different size than the grid forces me to.

Is there a key I can hold down, that temporarily turns of (or on) the snap to grid settings while dragging?

Has there been a solution to this? I’m struggling with the same issue.

Assigning a keyboard shortcut to toggling snap to grid does not help as it is not recognized while a mouse drag is in progress, unfortunately.

Thanks, Christian

I think I understand the problem that both of you are seeking relief from. However, I do not understand the difficulty.

  • What is so difficult in turning SnapToGrid Off/On for the duration of your non-Grid operations ?
  • Is not the two clicks less work than the keystrokes (as in a Keyboard short-cut) ?

Resizing, and indeed re-positioning an Object, to non-Grid dimensions, without turning the Grid Off/On, can be done via the dimension fields in either:

  • Property/Geometry Inspector
  • Toolbar


Should be able to use “Option” + “Command” + “G” to turn snap on and off.

Is that what you want?