Can't open OG files on iMac and MBP

I had sync in the past five OG files beetween iPad, iMac, MBP.
On iPad I see the content of this files but can’t editing.

On iMac and MBP I can only one open and editing.
The other four I can’t open.
It come message, see screenshot.
Whats wrong?


Thanks for feedback.
I just briefly read over the suggested tool. Currently I can not do anything with it. Is it me that I do not understand it?


That post is spam. You can ignore it.

Re the original problem

  1. Sure, it could be a permissions problem (the little truth in the big lie in the spam) which you should be able to figure out yourself.

  2. Otherwise, email OG support.

  3. If you are being held back in your work: revert to an earlier release of OG eg. V7.17.



Thanks for spam feedback.
To 1)
If I would know something about rights, I would have already looked. Is unclear to me but what and where I can look.

To 2)
Email support has been done in the meantime.

To 3)
I must use on iMac and MBP (macOS 10.13.6) the version OG 7.11.5.
I use on iPad (iOS Pad the version OG 3.16.


Generic answer. I have no idea about which OG version does or does not work with which other OG version across the devices.

iMac/MBP/iPad Level

First thing is that “you” , meaning whatever user account you have across the devices, must be the same. Such that “you” can save a file, any file, on one device, and open and edit it on another device.

  1. Use TextEdit or something from the Apple suite, to isolate the problem
    • on the file, on each device, use ⌘i to GetInfo.
    • this will open a panel, at the bottom are the permissions
    • fiddle around with that, until you can open and edit the (eg. text) file across the devices, as you expect

OG Level

  1. Then try the same with the OG file
    • of course, you are limited to different OG versions on each device, so make sure that the file that the OG version is written in, can be opened by the OG that you are trying to open it in

Cloud Level

  1. I assume the file is stored on the cloud somewhere. If you are still experiencing problems, isolate the cloud, and test it on a local file, that you transfer across the devices via a memory stick.

Additional Info
I do not use or recommend the cloud , the concept is stupid for many reasons. Some of my customers moved to the cloud. They are now moving back to a normal dedicated server within the country. I appreciate that that is a cloud of sorts, but it is not iCloud; AWS; etc. Note, even in this single paragraph cloud means several different things: it is not one thing.


See my answer in screenshot.
I have create the screenshot on iMac.
You see that I cannot open OG files with symbol and can open files without symbol.


I use iMac, MBP, iPad and sync lot of other files from different Programs or Apps via iCloud and Dropbox.
I have no proplems with this.


Ok. You simply cannot open files (created on iPad/OG V2 ?) on iMac/OG V7.

Ok. Then it is not a synch problem.

Ok. Then it is not a permissions problem.

iMac/OG V7 cannot open your iPad/OG V2 file.

Email OG Support.