Canvas Sizing Issue

Hi all.

I’m trying to draw up my house scale, and I have the units set to feet and 1 ft = 12 inch.

I drew a single box that represents the total size of the house as a single box as a foundation, but even if I zoom out to the max of 5%, I can’t see the entire box. How can I change the display size, whatever, so it will allow me to zoom out further - without changing the scale?

Also is there a way display line length as I’m drawing it, for drawing walls? Thanks!

Like, basically I want to be able to zoom out more, and I want my lines to also not be displayed thicker without having to change he line thickness, etc., but keep the line length to scale unmodified - Does that make sense?

Nevermind… I figured it out… wasn’t properly using the Scale - whoops.