Change default size of text in notes field only?

Ok, so I’m almost 50 (God, that looks so weird in print) and the small type used as default in the notes section is killing me. I tried googling and seemed to find that the consensus was that there is no way to change the DEFAULT text size of just the notes field? I don’t want to change the size of EVERYTHING… then the task names get too big and take up too much space.



As a fellow 50 year old I concur. I have long ago stopped relying on the notes section of OF3 because of the tiny font size and it’s lack of customisation. This means I have more information in the main task field which inevitably leads to less legibility and more friction in my workflow in day to day use.
It is obviously not a priority for Omni to alter this but perhaps a wee email to suggest it may go a long way?
…oh and 1968 was a good year to be born!

For your information, I did post a solution: Is it possible to reduce fontsize or fontstyle of the headline of a perspective?

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Yes, but it’s a hack. OF needs to make this a preferences default so we can modify it as needed.

@Jannock appreciate the suggestion but way beyond my limited abilities!

This is PERFECT. Thank you!

I noticed that my plist file has 5 entries for that bodystyle: 10, 11, 11, 13, 15. Could you explain what each of these are? In the interim, I changed them ALL to 13, and that changed every note size that hadn’t been manually changed previously.

Those just refer to the 5 font size options you have in the Style Preferences (so 10 = Small, 11 = Medium, 15 = Large).

Right, but why is 11 listed twice? Is one of them the default?

I believe the first 11 is for the size between Small and Medium, and the second for Medium itself (they just happen to use the same note text font size for both).

+1 for adding this functionality to OF Preferences

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That’s right. These are the five different sizes corresponding with the settings in OF Preferences -> Style

I agree that it would be nice to be able to make a change to the default. I have good eyesight and I still think a bigger font would be nicer. It’s not hard to change the font/style settings on a task-by-task basis, but I can imagine it’s a drag to do it for every task you have in your outline.

A hack that might help, if you copy and paste from another source OF will keep the formatting from that source. Since most of my notes are copied and pasted from e-mail messages, this hack solves most of my issues.

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