Note text hard to read and not default-modifable

This is really a question to Omni developers about whether or not a feature-request is on the radar.

The text in Notes is difficult to read, especially for things like forwarded emails & web clips that need editing to turn into individual actions.

One problem is that there is no means of default-adjusting text size, which was raised earlier Earlier post; but a second variable to improve ease of reading is line spacing.

Text size is adjustable in Preferences, but only for Action Titles, which is less of a problem because they are brief and already broken up by being in defined rows. You can manually adjust text size, note-by-note, which is inconvenient and I don’t think that the Font selector gives any way of adjusting spacing—i.e., even if you didn’t mind re-spacing each note manually, you couldn’t.

A second difficulty I have with the Action-Note view options: You can view in the Inspector, which is too narrow or the Outline, which is too wide. Neither is adjustable, either by default or by dragging the columns that separate them. If it’s difficult to make this adjustable, just having the Outline default view set at something like A4 proportions would probably work.

These forums are for users of Omni’s products and are not the best place to post feature requests. Instead, I recommend contacting the Omni Group by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu. Visit the Welcome to our forums post to learn more.

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Thank you @timstringer—I’ve forwarded this to

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Just a “tip” the notes field on Mac picks up formatting from web pages HTML and Rich Text so if its hard to read copy text from a Word Processor or markdown preview (not the Markdown itself) and it will retain the formatting!

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 4.37.10 PM|690x219

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Noted! Thank you @TheOldDesigner

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