Closing a Bezier Curve to form a Bezier Shape?

Evidently I don’t mean Edit => Objects => Convert Line to Shape

I drew a bezier curve, and placed the end point as close as possible to the starting point. Then I wanted to fill its interior, but since it was a Curve (and not a shape), it wasn’t fill-able.

So I tried converting it to a Shape (Edit => Objects => Convert Line To Shape). That enabled the fill inspector, but filling filled the outline of the shape, not the interior of the shape.

Is there a way to say “join start and end points and make this a closed curve” that can be filled?

No. That will create a new, unknown Shape of unknown properties (here you know what you are creating but the program does not … you could be creating a star or trapezoid Shape, etc).

What you might be looking for is the Wedge or Arc Shape. They are used to construct the sections of a pie chart. They are Shapes, not Lines.

  • Get them via the Shape tool (OG 5 dialogues):

  • Then Select Shape. Here is the Wedge, the Arc is next to it:

Given that it is a Shape, you can set Shape properties such as Stroke; Fill; Shadow; etc.

In both, the coverage is controlled by the EndPoints, that describe an arc (the circumference of a circle), in degrees. Whereas for the Arc, the Stroke is the arc, for the Wedge, the Stroke is the outline of the Shape.

  • Wedge Arc