Compact layout: displays info on one line w/status circles on the left [Edit: Now available in 2.3! OmniFocus Preferences ▸ Layout ▸ Custom Columns]


That’s a great example of why the high data density layout is a hidden preference, not listed in the main Preferences interface. It’s a very rough proof of concept, untested by our internal Test team, just to show you a glimpse of what we maybe think we might be able to do soon.

How do we feel about the checkboxes on the right?

Please remember the high density layout is an early work-in-progress. Ken’s original post mentioned how they were not satisfied with the check circle and there would be more work on this style before it was exposed as a feature.

I’m lovin’ it, by the way.


You actually can click the circle, but only if you click the bottom right corner of it. It’s actually almost outside the circle, but it is clickable:


Ken –
Finding your post stopped me in mid-curse :-) while testing the released OF2. As I’ve posted before, I just don’t get the move away from high data density and it’s prevented me from upgrading. But I commend you for working to come up with alternative layouts.

My other major complaint has been the color palette of the circles (not enough contrast between the colors for my eyes) and that, of course, is exacerbated in the new alternate 1-line layout. That said, the colored box with the date on the right for due and overdue items helps with this. I would vote for more customization of fonts and colors, as has been discussed by others. Not to the extent of OO, but it seems Mac-like (and Omni-like) to offer users the ability to make one of your apps “their own” so that there is a minimum of them having to adjust to someone else’s view of how things should be colored, sized, etc. (within reason, of course).

Thanks for the continuing good work!


My comment isn’t in reference towards your whole post, but just to the assertion that it is ‘Mac-like’ for heavy customisation to happen (OmniGroup, on the other hand, has a different approach) – that might be wrong.


  • Debate between iOS and Android, in terms of customisability.
  • The apparent ‘dumbing down’ of OS X (in light of features being ‘ported’ over from iOS).
  • Decreasing level of user-serviceable parts for Mac hardware.


Yes, more contrast will be helpful. I like either of the views in v2, but I find it hard to differentiate between the individual tasks. The line between this is not dark enough.


I think we really need more contrast in the tool, or go back to giving us control of the colors and themes (including a more readable font).


The alternate layout is amazing. Now I’m actually enjoying and using the new version.


I like the compact layout more, but had to switch back as for some reason I couldn’t actually complete actions this morning in the compact mode. Restarted OF, finally moved to the original layout and was able to complete.


You can’t click the circles, but the space bar works for completing items.


You can always do a right click on the task and choose “complete”, it’s rapid and more easier with the compact layout for the moment.

I’ve noticed that the circle goes a little bit darker when it’s good to mark as complete… but you need good eyes when the task is already selected.


I like both.
The option to alternate between checkbox location without an app restart would be nice.

Options are always nice.

Offtopic: The version with the circles on the right make me wonder if the collapse/expand needs to be in a right click contextual menu and/or in the menu bar. How does collapsing get handled on a tablet or phone?


Good start. Now make the window fit in 720px width and I might just consider upgrading. Currently it does not, and that wrecks the way I’ve used OO + OF side-by-side on my 1440x900 laptop for years, so that’s a deal breaker for me.


Thank you!!! Even in this early state, it’s a great improvement over the 2 line view. If I hadn’t seen this thread (thanks Sharad!), I’m not sure I’d have upgraded. Off to find my credit card.


Spacebar marks an item as compete. That should help till they fix the checkmark bug.


I like the new look of OF2 overall, but the tasks list is WAY too cluttered. I can’t read down my list of tasks without being bombarded by a mass of other information.

My preference would be to have the context/project as a separate column, as per OF1, so you can read down the task list easily and cleanly.

Second choice would be a simple view option, allowing you to disable the second line of text in each row, particularly in Context view. You can see that information in the Inspector if you need it.

Last resort would be changing that second line of text to a very thin light font so it’s less in your face.

As it stands, that will stop me upgrading, and I really really want to because the rest of it’s great.


I also prefer to have the context/project as a separate column!


Did you realise there’s already a thread about this? See the ‘Data Density’ topic…


Link for those who are interested in contributing to the discussion.


Ah, I missed that, thank you. I couldn’t get that thread to load last night, but the title sounded like a spacing issue.