Connections inspector permanently greyed out

Connections inspector permanently greyed out. And route from object center does not work even though it is set (in the greyed out area).

I’m not able to set connections lines when creating a shape or from an existing shape. It is always greyed out. So the 4 settings allow connections from are unreachable. Can’t find a solution.

I found this because route form object center no longer works. Which is really awful since I use it a lot for circles :-(. When looking for a setting to control that behavior I found the greyed out area. Btw in the grey area it is set. So what is going on???

Greetings Frans


The problem you are describing is not clear to me, but I will offer a suggestion.

It is possible that you have accidentally grouped the Object (the Object is a group of Shapes).

  • Select the Object
  • Ungroup the Object
    • look for the “x of y objects selected” at the bottom of the window
  • Select one Object
    • check that the count is “1 of y objects selected” at the bottom of the window

Try to change the properties of that one Selected Object.


Hello Guru

I checked. No groups. Just two objects in two different layers which are visible and not locked. So I’m stumped. If I create an arrow between the objects the outione lights up. But no connection to center is made (when the arrow is selected I can select route to object center). But still it no longer works, It used to. If I delete arrows which work and recreate them, same problem.No routing from center of object. Can’t figure out what is the problem.


I think I found myself a bug?

The objects have no fill. If I give them a fill it works. I can route from objects center. But almost all my objects have no fill (export to png transparant background). And I know for sure it used to work with objects with no fill. I can recereate at will. Draw two circles. No fill. Connection arrow does not route to center. Fill circles and it does. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.When routing to center. Even if there is no fill the arrow inside the object is not shown (provided the order is right). That is something I use heavily (as in ALL my graffles).


Yes, you may have found a bug. Report it.

This is for understanding and efficient Graffling:

  • a Shape with no Fill is a pain to find; Select; engage
    • especially when the Shape is part of a Grouped Object
  • Therefore do not use NoFill
  • Use a Fill of White with Opacity set to 0%. Now you can Graffle the Shape
    • Never lose access to a Shape

The Object that I use the most is an advanced “text box”, a rectangle, that is an Atom if you will, that is Grouped with other Shapes:

  • Fill White with Opacity set to 0%
  • NoStroke
  • All text properties set