Create perspective of projects with a "on hold" status

I see where you can create a perspective where a context is “on hold” but don’t see where you can filter when the status of the project is on-hold? I want a perspective of Projects that i have set to on-hold (so i don’t lose track of them) - is this possible?

Yes it is possible! The view settings look a little different, so you might have missed a step.

In the view window, under the project hierarchy, you want to select “Use project hierarchy”. That way, when you use the filters, you can filter on project status.

If you look in the filtering section, there is an option to filter projects, and I selected “On Hold” --if I understood you correctly, I am pretty sure that is what you are looking for. You can change the other settings to suit your view.

Hope that helps!


thanks for the reply - the issue i’m having is that even with these settings, i’m getting a list of both “active” and “on hold” projects.

I just tested this with my current database and I cannot replicate the problem. I only get the projects that are on hold.

Are you using the latest build? The builds that are a week or more old had some problems with views/filtering. Let’s see if we can make sure there is not another bug. :)

I took a few screen shots and posted below. The behavior I see is what I would expect. I do not have any projects that are flagged, so I didn’t test that.

List of projects (some on hold, some not):

On Hold Perspective:

View settings:

thanks again for taking the time to help out - weird thing - today i opened the perspective and was having the same issue - then i was looking at some other perspectives and came back - now it seems to work. Very odd but it seems to be working for the moment. thanks again.