Creating Dashed Lines

I need to create a dashed orthogonal line but can’t seem to find where to select that line style. I’ve used older versions of Omnigraffle and have had that option. Is it still available in 7.18.1 and, if so, how do I make the change? Thanks!

Yes, that’s most certainly still available in OmniGraffle 7.18.1! Use the Line inspector to make the line orthogonal, and the Stroke inspector to select the pattern of dots, dashes, and spaces that you’d like to use to draw that line.

Hope this helps!

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I am on 7.18.5 and not seeing option to make dot/dash line… (highlighted the line and checked all the options under stroke and line section)


Select the line.

The Stroke Inspector.
Have you tried this:




You may take the two seeker’s posts as a two points of evidence, that the GUI is non-intuitive. It was broken between V5 and V6, and now even more so in V7. As per previous discussion, yes, OG is complying with the “new” Apple “standard”, so in the first instance, it is that that is broken (Tim Cook is destroying the company, from the inside … you don’t like the correct term, so I won’t use it, the alternate medical term is fragmented), and OG is following that lead. You may notice fragmentation throughout the Apple Guidelines, consistent with his mental state. (There are other indicators which I won’t detail here.)

I am suggesting that you take more responsibility for an otherwise great drawing tool, un-shackle yourself from Apple, and build GUIs that are intuitive.

Eg. Adobe tools do not follow the Apple GUI guidelines.