Defer dates +1 day/week/month: OmniJS Script (Mac/iOS)

When I click (in MacOS) on the link for the script file shared on Dropbox, I get a Dropbox 404 page. Thanks.

Here is the updated link, @gtdandy (I do not have editing rights on that post, now).

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How do I enter this on laptop version?

You need to copy the file on your OmniFocus iCloud Folder. It should be recognised instantly.

I have added a defer by one hour and change due date option. Can I share them on Github or would you like to keep your work protected?

I will share it on my Github in a couple of days. I’ll add a usage and licence notice to the script and let you know, @mangotango. Would be good if you bring your edit here, then.

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Just added this script to my GitHub repository.


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Defer Date Not Working
Hi, I’m using OmniFocus 3.11.5 on Mac mini running Big Sur. I installed Defer Date in Plug-Ins folder under Application support. The feature appears under Automation in OF but the drop down menu items are all greyed out. The Automation Console shows this: SyntaxError: Cannot use the keyword ‘const’ as a lexical variable name. /Users/neilwilson/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus3.MacAppStore/Data/Library/Application Support/Plug-Ins/DeferSelectedTasks.omnifocusjs/Resources/deferEvening.js:8:0
Can you help me?

Thank you. Just pushed an update to the repository. Does it work, now ?

unlocked2412 you’re the best! Yes, it works perfectly. Thank you so much! Really appreciate this. I’ve been reading Joe Kissell’s Take Control of Automating Your Mac and he suggested automating tasks that require many mouse clicks. I’m constantly advancing actions to the next day. I just set up Keyboard Maestro so when I press control + d it advances the selected action +1 Day! Again, thank you, you made this possible!

I’m glad this is useful to you, @ncwilson1111.

Update: I completely rewrote the Plug-In to match OmniFocus default buttons (+1 day, etc…) behaviour. Could be found in my repository:

Hi unlocked,
thanks for the scripts, they are working for me, but not all of them. The defer 1 day script works as long as the tasks already do have a defer date. But the one that are using a specific time (tomorrow or this weekend) throw the following error:

Using 3.11.7

Thanks and all the best

Hello, Jan. From the screenshot, I can see you are using other Plug-In, since there is no deferTomorrow.omnijs file in the repository. Could you please download the latest version and tell me if it works for you ?

this is just because I copy / pasted the code from GitHub into an empty file that I already used when I tried to code it myself. But I just double checked and used the original files from GitHub and it still shows.

I use an M1 MBA und Big Sur (11.3.1) or iOS 14.5 on an iPhone Pro 11.

Thank you, @janharder. Will fix it and post an update, later.

@janharder, just a follow-up. I found the issue. As soon as I solve the problem, I will post an update. I think that is going to occur in the next few days.

Awesome thanks a lot

@janharder, just updated “+1 day”, “+1 week” and “+1 month” from Defer folder. Could you tell me if it works for you, now ?

I will update the rest of Plug-Ins probably tomorrow.

Here they are:

they do! Thanks a lot again. Great improvement in my daily routine.

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