Defer dates +1 day/week/month: OmniJS Script (Mac/iOS)

Today, OmniFocus 3.8 released with support for cross-platform automation.

Here, is a cross-platform Plug-In that moves 1 day/week/month defer dates of selected tasks.

Screenshots (iPad OS):

PNG image

Version 0.1:
PNG image 2

Version 0.2:
PNG image 2

Download Plug-In:


Thanks for the script ! But, when I tried to install the script in OmniFocus (iPad-iOS) it is not recognized. It seems that only *.omnijs are able to be installed.
Am I doing something wrong ?
Thanks for your help

When you touch the script, it should open a dialog asking where do you want to install it.

You can manually place the script in your OmniFocus\Plug-Ins iCloud Folder. It is recognised instantly.

Update (version 0.2):

Just added an option to defer date to 5 PM (Today). It’s possible to disable it and revert back to old version.