Display a task without nested subtasks in the Forecast perscpective?


I have a daily “Brain Dump” routine, as one big action group with many nested subtasks (see picture 1 below).

I made it a recurring task (repeat each day, Schedule the Next: Defer Until Date). Unfortunately, in my Forecast perspective it shows as a set of maaaaany unstructured tasks:

Since it’s very messy, I would like to see just one task (“Brain Dump - task”) as a deferred one.

Do you have any advice how to achieve this? Some Apple Script? Or Automation?

Some time ago we discussed in some sense similar problem:

but I didn’t solve it…

I would appreciate Your help. The general idea is to be able to show only a top task without it’s siblings.

Many Thanks in advance :)


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I have ran the same problem and couldn’t solve it. I wish OF had fully functional nested projects so we could maintain the structure and show only the next action in a sequential subproject.

To circumvent this lack of functionality, I just put a daily task which says ‘brain dump’ and then I have a separate ‘brain dump’ project (checklist or template) in a ‘waiting’ status (so that it doesn’t show on the forecast list or other perspectives) with the full brain dump routine and structure . So when and I am ready to do the ‘brain dump’ I manually go to the template and create a new instance (duplicate) and start checking it off. Just the same as a packing list for travel or other routines.

I suppose you can link the brain dump task to the brain dump project with a link, to save a couple of clicks.

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I’ve had the same issue and solved it this way:

  1. create a recurring task: “do Brain dump” that repeats every day

  2. Have a link to the brain dump project in the notes field taking you to the project

  3. once you’ve completed everything; check off the tasks in the today view

Since I use a “Now!” perspective it works a bit different for me, but the principle should work for you as well. Just remember to leave out the braindump project from any perspectives

(see here for the Now! perspective options: Do Due Defer - I really want a Action Date ie a Do Date)

Many thanks :)

I also use some workarounds (in my case: each day in the morning I duplicate “BrainDump - template” project), but IMHO it would be more universal to find some technical solution for filtering out subtasks from the view. In custom perspective we can set:
Group and Sort: Entire Projects
what works quite well, but it’s not available in the Forecast perspective…

Many thanks for Your feedback :)


I had the same question here a while ago and there are some good ideas here.

Unfortunately, they’re all hacks. There’s no way to do what you want easily.

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