Dynamic text attributes?

I’m creating flowcharts and I’d like the ability to toggle a text attribute’s value. For example, I may have a large intricate flowchart with objects and text labels including the words “Left” and “Right”.

I’d like the ability to have the same flowchart duplicated except all instances of the word “Left” be replaced with “Right” and all instances of the word “Right” replaced with “Left”.

I figure if I could insert a dynamic attribute in a text field and alter the value this would do the trick. I’m not sure how I could do a Find & Replace because as soon as I replace the values Left with Right, I’d then need to replace the values Right with Left (which would just reverse the first Find & Replace).

Think of it as I’m creating an intricate flowchart for people who are left handed. I’d want to reproduce the exact same flowchart but for those right handed. Thanks!

That seems to be a Logic or Processing problem, not a drawing problem. When shuffling any number of things, you need one additional slot for the shuffle.

  • Find & Replace Left to Foo
  • Find & Replace Right to Left
  • Find & Replace Foo to Right