Editing Link Name Never Works On the First Try

I have had this happen multiple times and I can repeat it consistently.

Steps to see the problem.

  1. Paste a link into the note field

  2. Right click on link and choose “Edit Link”

  3. Edit the “Display Title” to whatever new I want

  4. Click “Done” and the link display name goes back to what it was before I edited it.

Repeat the exact same steps (2-4) a second time and it works

First edit NEVER works. Second edit ALWAYS works.

I’m running 3.2 test (v122.2 r322241)

Thanks for your help.

I wonder whether this could be a parallel bug to this one, which seems to have remained in OF 3?

I don’t believe so. The links themselves work. They always take me to the correct place when clicked.

But to amend what I said earlier, I was wrong. On the second attempt, the link “display title” correctly shows what it was edited to. However, after clicking off the task and then back on the task reveals that the title has reverted back to its original state before the edit was made.

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