Feature Request: iPhone 6+ enhancements?


We’re not doing an interface redesign in version 2.4, we’re simply adapting the current iPhone interface to the 6 and 6+. But that doesn’t make it a simple recompile: we’re now up to 146 issues that needed fixing with 118 fixes completed, 14 still being tested, and 14 still to go.


Gotcha. Sorry, I didn’t realize that list of fixes was specific to the interface. Great news!


awesome Ken. GO GO GO!!! keep working :P you can do it!!! Power through!! no sleep until it’s out :D


Ken, what about larger fonts proportionally to respectively larger iPhone 6/6+ screen size? Please cater weaker eyesight, as detailed in eg http://apple.stackexchange.com/a/148859/54644 by a tired iOS user.


I think it’s already happenning. I read a Mashable article earlier today about what customers think of the 6 & 6+ after two weeks of usage. Some respondants to film_girl’s poll are saying the 6+ is turning their mini’s into occasional e-readers. I’ve read a number of other iPhone 6(+) articles that indicate that the iPads may likely be replaced (market demand) because of the 6’s size and power. If I was a developer I’d take a serious look at re-porting my iPad apps. Only time will tell.


If you choose a larger font size in the Settings app (under General : Accessibility : Larger Text), OmniFocus will honor that size—in the main app, and also in its extensions. Hope this helps!

iPad Mini or iPhone 6: best for on-the-go use of OmniFocus?

Status update on OmniFocus 2 for iPhone 6 and 6+:

We’ve submitted OmniFocus for iPhone v2.3.2 to the App Store, which adds support for iPhone 6 and 6+. It’s now waiting for Apple’s review.


Awesome, @kcase!

Understanding that things can change, is there a consolidated view of roadmap items publicly announced? i.e. 2.4 and 2.5 for iPhone, 2.1 for Mac, 2.1 for iPad? It would be cool to better understand what’s on plan already to avoid feature requests, etc.




10 days and it hasn’t been approved yet?

For now I’m using “ForceGoodFit” on a jailbroken iphone 6 and it works perfectly, haven’t noticed any bugs and gets the proper resolution.


2.3.2 is out. Using on a 6+.

Am I missing something? I’m not sure I see any difference. I admit, I primarily use OF on my Mac and iPad. iPhone is more for reference due to OF limitations in the iPhone app. But I used it a few times before todays upgrade.

Can you post a change log?


I would be curious how many of those articles are based on speculation and actual use.

The 6+ is nice!!! I had high hopes of the 6+ replacing my iPad prior to getting it!!!

I won’t be getting rid of my iPad anytime soon!!! If anything, I’m thinking of returning the 6+. The size comes at a premium price, and I’m just not seeing that much advantage yet. Maybe things will improve if/when more developers support it as a small tablet instead of a large phone.


Ken Case did say in a post above that they are squashing bugs right now and will continue to do so in version 2.4. No interface changes yet. I’d rather have a stable OmniFocus first and then build on that. Maybe version 2.5 will have new UI changes?

I’m still holding on to the iPad as well.


Ken @kcase, any chances OF on iPhone 6 will have the key features of iPad version (hierarchical view, drag-n-drop, review, what else?)

I’m fine with extra charge for that. Looks like in iPhone-vs-iPad Mini dilemma, iPhone 6 will win for being accessible much more of the time than Mini–provided that it will give nearly equal functionality.


Crossing my fingers but it does look like good news with version 2.5

Here’s the quote that caught my attention:

[quote]But it is possible for a lot of things, and it’s certainly where we’ve been headed for the last several years. For example, the Forecast and Review started out on iPad, then Forecast made its way to iPhone and Mac, and now Review has made its way to Mac and is coming to iPhone. Perspectives started out on Mac, then made their way to iPhone and iPad in a limited way, and are now fully available on iPad and will soon be fully available on iPhone as well.


No ETA yet, but I still think this recent blog post will make folks reading this thread happy. For the TLDR crowd: all of our iPad apps will be coming to the iPhone, including OmniFocus. We haven’t figured out all of the details yet, but we are ready to start talking about the broad strokes.


Its sad that OF does’nt have a landscape view neither does it take advantage of 6+ screen size. Most of the popular todo apps have a 6+ optimized landscape mode. Please implement the enhancements.


could you share with us which ones have the 6 Plus landscape mode? I’d like to peek at them.

It’s just a matter of time. Omni already had a full slate of bug fixes and feature requests already.


2Do is one such app which has an ipad like layout in 6+.


Nothing more frustrating to not be able to get the most productivity out of my favorite productivity app that I’ve invested hundreds of dollars and years of use into. I’ve replaced my iPad mini with a 6+ and though there have been a lot of pros, OmniFocus has been a huge con in this transition.

Please support your power users and add the following features on iPhone 6+ so I can continue to support OmniFocus:

  • Landscape view
  • Ability to Edit Perspectives
  • Perform a Review

Thank you,


Read my previous post as seen above.

These features are coming. Here is the original post from The Big Guy about this matter.

The 6 plus is a great device but I’m gonna stick to my iPad mini. The 6 plus was just too small to be working in programs like IThoughts, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. OmniFocus is staying on my iPad mini.