Feature Request: iPhone 6+ enhancements?


all of our iPad apps will be coming to the iPhone, including OmniFocus

Brian, is there any understanding on which of iPad OF features are very likely to become available on iPhone6 as well, and which are quite unlikely as of now?


Is there a more recent post updating on features for iPhone6(S) Plus, either already implemented or seriously considered for the near future?


Things have changed a lot in the year since your last post because we made OmniFocus for iOS a Universal app. There are no longer any differences in features based on which iOS device you’re running OmniFocus on—in particular, you can now create and edit perspectives and do a review on the iPhone (previously not possible).

We do show information differently depending on the device, including offering a sidebar in landscape on iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone X-exclusive features?

Thanks for a prompt reply, dave.

So what I am essentially asking is: is “sidebar in a landscape” the only difference between how OF2 works on iPhone 6 vs 6 Plus?

And a second thing, sort of my underlying reason for asking: do I understand correctly that on any iPhone, latest OF2 still shows hierarchy of (sub)tasks within a project as nested screens, one screen per level – rather than showing a full tree with indented sub-branches, as it works on iPad?


Yes, that is correct.


Dave, any strong reasoning against that–or it’s just a matter of priority (compared to other changes) and amount of “votes” from users asking for such a thing?


There are some technical limitations on what we can do based on rotation—we would have to adopt the same hierarchy view in both landscape and portrait. Other than that, it’s just a matter of balancing customer requests with what we feel is the best user experience for most people—just like everything else we do.