[Feature Request] Recycle Bin (Trash) folder for temporarily storing Deleted items

I have frequently discovered tasks that I accidentally deleted. I think this happens by inadvertently swiping on a task on my phone, possibly in my pocket.

I think it would be really useful if OmniFocus had a Recycle Bin (Trash) folder (perspective) that works like with email - i.e. it holds all deleted items for a certain amount of time - say 2 weeks - before permanently deleting them. Anything that gets deleted would be stored there for that time before being automatically purged. This would only contain deleted items - not skipped/dropped/completed tasks. This would give us a way to recover them if we delete them accidentally.


Great idea, @saltedlolly.

I encourage you to email this suggestion to the Omni Group if you haven’t already. You can contact them by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu (Mac) and Settings (iPhone & iPad).


Thanks for your Request. This is being requested since many years from many users. It is so sad that Omnigroup does not care about this. Also in this years Road Map it does not occur. Sad.

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