Feature Request: Trigger displaying a Perspective based on time of day or location, or both

I would love it if PErspectives could have a display trigger based on the time of day or the location, so that a particular perspective could display automatically at a particular time of day. e.g. Have a ‘Morning Ritual (Home)’ perspective display automatically when you launch the app at home between 6am-8am (or switch over to this perspective at 6am if the app is already open on your Mac).

Similarly, you could use the location trigger alone, so that if you arrive at the supermarket, it automatically displays your ‘Grocery List’ perspective at launch.

Even better would be the ability to create specific location and time trigger rules. e.g. If I am not at home AND it is between 6am and 8am automatically display the ‘Morning Ritual (Travel)’ perspective.

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KeyboardMastro can certainly handle the first set of scenarios using time based triggers and I am guessing iOS automation tools if they can not already do this will have something along these lines possible in the next couple of iterations.

These would I think be better handled by operating system level automation allowing interaction with a range of apps rather than building yet another layer of complexity into OF which already gets a bad press for it’s steep learning curve.

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Thanks to another post here, I have just managed to create an iOS Shortcut which will do this. You can put it on your homescreen and when run it displays the relevant Perspective based on the time of day. Get it here.

It doesn’t work with location at this stage but I suspect this might be possible with a bit more investigation. It also obviously doesn’t work on Mac, but KeyboardMaestro looks promising for this.

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