Flagged + Due Perspective

I’d like to create a perspective that shows both flagged AND due (today) tasks. I can’t see how to set both of these for a perspective. Help appreciated!

You can set your “Filter by Status” to “Due or Flagged” (or desired variation) when creating your perspective.

For some more details on what’s behind such perspective, you have numerous resources that have been published so far. Just follow the links and search for “Due” (or “Flagged”) on the posts.
Hope this helps ;-)


Thanks. Yes, I found the “Due or Flagged” filter option, but this results in overdue tasks being displayed as well as those due today. I’d like to only display flagged and due-today tasks.

Perhaps this isn’t possible though?..

I don’t think that is possible. Overdue is something due after all. Or isn’t it? :)

True. But I’d just like to review what’s on the table for today separately from what is left hanging over.

Perhaps the solution is for me to be less liberal with ‘due’ dates so that only stuff that really has to be done by a certain date has a due date. I think I just fell in love with ‘forecast’ mode so much that I began assigning everything a due date!

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Seen that. Been there. Now I’m draconian about Due dates. I’m definitely a Start-Dates-type-of-person, thanks to OF :D

Is there a way to exclude “Due soon” stuff from the “Due or flagged” perspective?



Agree with @ediventurin, I rarely set due dates unless something will die (plants for example) or something that I need to be hardcore about like SuperDuper backups for all the devices in the house. Mostly I can get by with start dates and clicking into perspectives.

One other thing I noticed yesterday was that even if something is due today (SD backups) but not yet available it won’t show up in the due soon count. Once it’s available the due soon flag jumps, pretty sure OF1 showed all of them in the counter.

@deturbulence wouldn’t you just use the flagged? Maybe I’m not understanding the question, when I look at the perspective filter I see:

@awlogan In my custom perspective (“Today”), I want to see all flagged items (things I have chosen to do today) and all due items (things I have to do today). The problem is that “due soon” items show up in the “due or flagged” view.

@deturbulence that makes sense, did you try adjusting this in your preferences? It’s sadly global but might get you want you want.

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@awlogan Great thought! Unfortunately, I would need a shorter time to remove them from view (8 hours, maybe?), which would be an acceptable hack. Setting it longer makes them visible as due soon for longer.

@deturbulence Did you try messing with start dates as well? I found that they show up in the forecast view but the due soon flag does’t light up until they are available, not sure if that’s a bug or some filter in place.

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Another greta idea, @awlogan! Unfortunately, they still show up, even though the start date greys them. Too bad, I thought that was going to work.

Ah! Once I change the filter to “Available” as opposed to “Remaining” this works!

The only problem/side effect is that this excludes “Waiting for” items for which I have a due date (so I know to follow up by a certain time), but I can make a separate perspective for that.

@awlogan, you’re a big help - thanks!

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@deturbulence glad that helped. I moved waiting to an active context for that reason, I think the only context I have that is on hold is someday maybe. I know what they were trying to do with the default, but by my definition waiting for is still active and I wanted to see it in the available tasks so that I could follow up with people.


Same here… After years having “Waiting for…” as “On hold”, not anymore.

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This is an interesting approach. I think I must try this. Thanks @ediventurin and @awlogan!


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Back to usin Waiting For… context as On Hold, with Due Dates. On the one hand, better management of Waiting For… on the other hand, more Due items on Forecast. Will see. Thoughts?