Flow Chart Stencils

I have the latest version: 7.18.2 and downloaded a flowchart stencil: https://stenciltown.omnigroup.com/stencils/flowchart/

Then when I double clicked the file got the message:
The document “Flow Chart 3.gstencil” could not be opened. If this document was created by a newer version of OmniGraffle, it may use a format that this version of OmniGraffle does not understand.

Is there anything I can do?


I just repeated the same steps (I think):

  • downloaded archive;
  • archive opened with “Flow Chart 3.gstencil”;
  • I double clicked and it asked me if I wanted to move to stencils folder or edit in place.

You could also try opening with “File”, “Open” and select the file. I receive the same message (move or edti in place).

Has the archive unpacked? It downloads as .zip file and needs to be unpacked before OG will open.

(usinng 7.18.3 Beta but also tried in 7.18.2 GA and same behavior)

Obvious bug. StencilTown is a pain.

In any case, that stencil is quite useless, it cannot be used “as is”: huge symbols; fractional sizes (cannot be resized easily to fit a normal Grid); etc.

For that particular stencil.

  1. Graffletopia. The collection of stencils for decades, before OG their StencilTown. This link visits a page of Graffletopia Flowchart stencils. Take your pick. All are better than the StencilTown equivalent. Yes, it has a pay wall, but you get what you pay for.

  2. Yours truly. This is the original Flowchart stencil in ISO 5807:1985, with symbols that fit nicely on a Grid (2cm major, 10 minor), allowing both SnapToCentre and SnapToEdge.
    Derek’s Flowchart Stencil in OG 5. Traditional symbols on the left, ignore the right side.

You don’t want to ignore the right side ? Ok. Developers these days are devoid of Logic, and are afraid of Flowcharts (which define flow-of-control in a program), they instead use 42 varieties of diagrams, which all fail to do the job, UML included, even though it is postulated as a “standard”. Therefore when a block of logic is called for, I provide it, on top of their precious diagrams. This requires a fair amount on text for each element, that will not fit inside the symbol.
Therefore, this set is for erecting a Flowchart using the traditional symbols, but with the text outside. It looks quite good once you get used to it.

For a proper Process Model, use SSADM or IDEF0.