Font color keeps switching back to white

when running the latest version of OmniGraffle for OSX, my font color keeps switching back to white.
So every time when creating a new shape object, I keep on changing the font color, very annoying.

Someone any idea why this happens?

Hello and welcome!

Do you mean when you select the tool it uses a white font as the default?

You can customize some of your items by changing the properties as you like, then either adding it as a “Favorite” or you can create a Stencil file and add there.

Does that help?

I can change the default setting for a line from the tools bar for example. So selecting the line, changing thickness and when drawing a second new line it’s using my previous settings.

For a shape I can change line type for example and it will keep on using my new setting but text color keeps on switching back to white.

Weird. Sometimes (no idea why) closing my work file or shutting down OG and restarting will correct an odd issue (I know it shouldn’t be required but if it helps…)

and just because: what MacOS and OG versions are you using? You said latest but things are moving forward so it may or may not be important.

It is a bug.

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On Omnigraffle 7.18.2 Pro, I am having the same issue. Press and hold S, change font color, and when releasing S the default font color for new shapes reverts back to black. Which really blows because my canvas background color is black.

When creating a new favorite style from a square with orange text, also does not retain the text color information. So when I then make a new square, the text went back to black.

Really, really, really, really, really, really, really freaking annoying.

No kidding.

This, and your other problem, is simply not supposed to happen, they are simple and glaring bugs. That release is unfit for General Distribution.

The whole point of a settable tool icon, is that you set the properties for it once, which sets the default for that tool, and whenever you use the tool, you get the properties that have been set.

It seems the new millennial “favourite” feature causes added problems. We don’t need “favourites”, since we can set the tool five different ways already.

I suggest you try the latest OG 7.17.x.

This set of bugs does not exist in OG 5. Just one reason why I stick with ancient OG 5.