Fonts between mac and iPad

I have a purchased font on my mac and when I allow synching to omnipresence, it changes to helvetica on the iPad…and automatically back on the Mac! Obviously, that’s not appropriate. While I understand that getting that adobe font onto the iPad might be problematic, I sure would like to protect it back on the mac from being changed.

what’s the workaround for this?

No, that means OG is working correctly. The handling of fonts is correct per the Apple developer requirements. You don’t have <PrivateFont> on the iPad, so it switches to the Family font for it, which is Helvetica. Back on the iMac, <PrivateFont> does exist, it is retained.

Now if you do change the OG doc on the iPad and save it (even though you do not change that particular text object), where <PrivateFont> does not exist, where the text is Helvetica, it will be saved as Helvetica. No surprise when you open the doc on the iMac, it will be Helvetica.

There is no problem, there is no work-around. You will have the same issue with any Apple-compliant app, not just OG.

Because you want the ability to change a doc [created by any app] on the iPad, the only correct solution is:

  • use only fonts that work on the iPad

Even if you have a font on the iMac, that does not work on the iPad, do not use it in a doc that you want to change on the iPad.