Formatting dimensions

I use the dimensioning feature for drawing floor plans. Although it’s not possible to format the dimensions of a line, indicated by <%length%> variable to a preset format e.g. “#0.0” like in Excel or “.2f” like in Python. The simple thing I want to achieve is displaying “1.6 m” is the line is 160 cm and not “1.6000054”. I know this is an open point since the existence of Omnigraffle and it seems still not to be solved.

(I use Variables, and I don’t have that problem. OG 5.4.4)

As I understand it, you have set the Scale and it works correctly.

  • I have 1 cm = 1 m

First set up your Grid properly. Eg mine is:

  • Major = 2 m
  • Minor = 10

Set SnapToGrid

  • Draw your Lines, add a Variable
  • Since the Line is snapped, you should have only clean fractions per the Grid “_._”, you should not have any curly bits “_._00079”