Frustration with calendar display

Since upgrading to OF3, I have been getting increasingly frustrated with the calendar display in Forecast view.
In previous versions (& Things) calendar items are displayed separately and I find that much simpler.
I want to sit down at my to-do list, see what I have to do today and refer to calendar events if I need to.
With the OF3 setup, it is not easy to see that is a calendar event and what it a task, all very unGTD!.
Could Omni consider an option to display events & tasks separately please?


Yes I agree. Users should have choices about this.


I really like the format of the new view!

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I’m sure many will, it is the idea of having a choice I am concerned about

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Hi folks! Just wanted to mention that the best way to reach out to us if you’d like to file a request for a change to the Forecast perspective would be to contact us at We have a feature request to re-implement v2’s Forecast layout and our Support team will be glad to add your +1 to it.


I totally agree. As it is now it only confuses me! I want the old view back. The one with calendar view on the bottom!


Arne - At first I agreed with your view immediately. However I use Fantastical with multiple calendars, which can be de-selected individually in OF. Because one should only use calendars for “hardscape” appointments or blocked time, those items are spliced in temporal sequence with my tasks, most of which have assigned times. I find that quite useful because I can see everything in one list in the right temporal order (If tasks don’t have times then sequence doesn’t matter). Frankly, I’d like to see OF 3 do both: 1) splice task & calendar items in portrait view (if that option is on) & 2) show the time bars in landscape view.

That sounds like an elegant solution.
I hope that the Mac version might offer similar configurability

Any news on that??

Yes, just above:

See also note the comparison between Things and OF calendar views about halfway through.

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Really good post

This is not news, news is to know whether they decided to act upon it.

Can we have an option to choose the view? I like the new version but it would be nice for others to have the ability to see the former version. Sent request in.


I wrote you and ask other users to do the same, so we can make our voice being heard.

I’ve had to turn calendars off completely in Forecast as I find the integrated view disorienting and disruptive. Should not have been changed IMHO, or the new view should have at least been added as an option and not a forced replacement.


I agree I think the old way was a lot better. I find it confusing now.


Write an email. That is the only way to for our wishes to come true.

I love the new design. Please don’t remove it!

I’m not advocating removing it, I understand that many like it though I find it really confusing. I think tasks & appointments should be separate.
I’m requesting the option to set the display either way to suit the maximum number of users.